There are many different factors that go into determining the final price for a translation. Here are some:

• Volume (word count)
• Turnaround time
• Text kind (e.g. technical, common)
• Is it Handwritten? FAX? Printed Copy?
• Format (e.g. HTML)

In order to provide you with an estimate, please specify your request as comprehensively and in as much detail as possible. Do not forget: The estimate is free of charge and without obligation for you. Your information will be treated with absolute confidentiality. In the event of us not working together your provided documents will be destroyed without delay.

Please keep the quality and accuracy of the translation in mind when comparing different translation services. Saving a few cents per word sounds great, but if you get a translation back that you can't use, then you have not saved at all. Even worse, you have to get everything translated again.

For first-time clients, we require a 50% deposit. Once we receive the check, we begin production of the translation.

Please ask for our rates, if you have a small text up to 50 words or only a small sentence up to 10 words.